As a new member of the 5% club, CFM become one of 250 UK companies committed to providing ‘earn & learn’ opportunities to develop the skills and talents of our people for long term careers.

Signing up to the 5% club we are committed to helping the UK’s growth agenda and acknowledge the importance of developing people as both a business and social imperative. We will play our part in addressing youth unemployment and skills shortage, pledging to work towards having a minimum 5% of their UK workforce enrolled on formalised apprentice, sponsored student and/or graduate development schemes within five years. CFM however exceeds this figure with a fast growing number of employees involved in our CFM Training Academy, providing formal skills and qualifications whilst developing a sustainable workforce for the future.

CFM offer a wide variety of opportunities within our Training Academy, offering both apprenticeships and higher level apprenticeships. This is suited to students who want to learn and earn on a structured apprenticeship programme.

We are proud to become a member of the 5% club, demonstrating our commitment to providing long term skills and opportunities to our employees.