CFM understand the importance of people in our operations and that it is down to the individual performance of each and every member of the team which determines the quality of service we can provide to our clients. We also understand that in order to get the best from our people we not only have to invest in them but to give them a vested interest in the services we deliver. To effectively realise the full potential of our people and ensure that they work as a cohesive team we provide full time, direct employment for all building fabric, mechanical, electrical, support and administrative staff. This promotes a focus on self-delivery with a reliance on sub-contractors for only highly specialist works.

We also train and develop staff through a programme of Continuing Professional Development. As an accredited ‘Investor in People’ we ensure that our staff possess the skills and training to deliver services in full compliance with current legislation and best practice.

Finally, we ensure our staff are based locally to our clients. This facilitates several objectives from faster response times to local community engagement and we achieve this via our Head Office and three regional depots strategically placed across Northern Ireland as detailed below.

Head Office


Mid Ulster Depot


South West Depot


West Depot


South Antrim Depot



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