This week brings our “100 Day Challenge” to an end.

In January past, our staff embarked on a corporate wellness challenge to commit to exercise every day for the foreseeable 100 days. 49 of our staff signed up for the challenge, and their results are remarkable!

A combined total of 1,650 hours of exercise was logged, a distance of 3,273km walked, 1,183km ran and a further 149km swam!

We would like to commend our staff on this incredible achievement. This RESTORE initiative put emphasis on employee wellbeing – both body and mind. Exercise is key to a healthy mind.

Competing individually and as part of a team, it was a race to the top of the leaderboard.

Pictured are our two top athletes – Paul Manning and Angela Doherty, who are celebrating their win from their home working stations. Each will receive a well deserved prize!