CFM were pleased to host members from the CITB NI and C-STEmp (Construction Skills Training and Empowerment Project) for a joint tour of our Training Academy at our Mid Ulster Depot.

C-Stemp are a non-profit organisation from Nigeria who work tirelessly to tackle the high unemployment and poverty in the midst of a severe shortage of skilled labour in the Nigerian construction sector.

They are working to establish a network of vocational training centres across the country, delivering training courses on a wide range of occupational skills, thereby empowering youths and providing opportunities for the large number of unemployed to find work within the Nigerian construction industry. The work they do, in such a challenging environment is remarkable.

We were honored to welcome them into our academy and provide an insight to CFM’s training and development strategy. We trust that they learned as much as from us as we did from them and we wish them every success with their latest project!