At our Head Office in Magherafelt we have remodelled one of our meeting rooms and named it the “MG room” after one of our most inspirational employees Quantity Surveyor, Myles Gallagher.

This year Myles will celebrate his 73rd birthday along with his 18th year with CFM. Myles has been a measured Term QS for over 40 years having worked for number of contractors and PQS practices.
At 72 he still works full time, having worked all his days with four key tools, a pen, paper, casio calculator and scale ruler.

In 2016 CFM evolved and digitalised our QS and contract administration process to be 100% paperless. Most 70-year-old QS’s would have rode off into the sunset, not Myles Gallagher, he bought himself a smart phone and made a commitment to learn how to utilise a desktop computer and our job management system. Unsurprisingly he succeeded in mastering this new method of work and remains one of our most productive QS’s mentoring and coaching the next generation of QS’s in our commercial office in check and on the right path.

As acknowledgment of his service he received a holiday voucher. Myles a man of few words had this advice to share “to the younger CFM staff coming along, enjoy it, because I certainly have, and you couldn’t work for a better firm”. Myles the pleasure is all ours and we look forward to continuing to work with you.